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What Is a “Cool” Roof?

The term Cool Roof is used to describe roofing material that has high solar reflectance. This characteristic can reduce heat transfer to the indoors and enhance roof durability. Cool Roofs may also be highly emissive, releasing a large percentage of the solar energy they absorb.

“...replacing nonreflective, dark roofing materials with white ones...(every 1000 square feet) would result in an equivalent CO2 offset of 10 metric tons (about $250) annually.“
( ) Akbari, H., S. Menon, and A. Rosenfeld. 2008. “D2 Global Cooling: Increasing Solar Reflectance of Urban Areas to Offset CO2,” D3 In press, Climatic Change.


ASTEC Authorized Contractor

Cool Roof Restorations have been saving roofing costs and permanently stopping and preventing leaks while lowering roof surface temperatures since 1986. ASTEC Re-Ply offers 10 and 15-year renewable, sustainable, labor, and material warranties when installed by factory-trained authorized contractors. The ASTEC Re-Ply restoration systems offer the highest standard in project specifications, product quality, and applicator training in the industry.

Lower Temperatures and Save

Our unique formulation reflects heat and UV away from the roof, reducing thermal shock and roof movement. Save on fastener repair and replacement and costly roof failures while providing a monolithic waterproof surface that is even warrantied against standing water damage!

By converting existing roofing substrates to ASTEC® Re-Ply™ sustainable cool roofing, other “green” benefits are achieved:

  • Restoring and reusing existing roofing substrates
  • Eliminating tear-off costs
  • Reducing landfill
  • Extending roof and building longevity
  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint

Building owners and managers with ASTEC Cool Roofing systems point out the ability to increase occupant comfort and productivity while reducing their cooling budgets and HVAC equipment maintenance.

What We Can Do for You

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